Introduction and our vision


Core business of our company is natual cosmetics, food suplements, pharmacy goods and medical devices. All products we produce or represent on middle Europe markets you can buy on our esohps, pharmacies as well as in reatail chains. For more information about our products and brands we representing please visit webpages of relevant divisions. In the heart of our company is fixed philosophy of natural, organic products comming out of traditional experiences in combination with newest scientific studies. Each product is made with highest consideration of eficiency, functionality, safety and puricity.

Our vision and mission

Our mission is to supply inovative products of highest quality in body care field to the market. We are local slovak company with pure private capital. Since our begining we do have in mind our customers and business partners demanding highest service level and quality of products. We are working hard on overcomming expectations of our customers. We do our job with honesty in the best way we can. We are working in our team like one man! We feel strong responsibility in all what we are doing. We are delivering into society, where we are doing our business and pay taxes also a big amounth of Social responsibility. We are volountary engaging in public project, we do care about our future and future of our children.

We achieve our success with ethical and fair ways only! Do do care about correct and transparent relationship with all our business partners. Thanks to fast growth of our company we are able to constantly invest into new products, brands and spreading our activities into another countries in region.